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Stop Paying 26% FED Tax on Facebook Ads! US LLC & USD Debit Card Trick

Paying for Facebook and Instagram ads in Pakistan just got more expensive with this new 26% tax. That means for every dollar you spend, the government takes an extra 26 cents! No fun!

But there might be a way to save some money on those ads by USA LLC registration. It’s like a savings on your online ads! With this LLC, you can open a USA business bank account and get a USD debit card. This card lets you pay in US dollars!

Here’s the trick: By using this USD debit card to pay for your Facebook and Instagram ads, you might be able to avoid that extra 26% tax! It’s like using a special code to skip a toll booth when going online.

Buzfiler will help you registrating your LLC in the USA also help you opening a bank account and getting a USD Debit Card for your Tax Savings.