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State fee

StateState Fee for LLCSeller Permit Fee (optional)Yearly LLC Renewal FeeState Filing DueState Income Tax
Alabama$200$0$502.5 months after formation and annually by April 156.50%
Alaska$250N/A$100Biennial, January 20%
Arizona$50$12$0No annual fee + no report due6.96%
Arkansas$45$50$150Annual, May 16.50%
Colorado$50$16$105 month window surrounding anniversary month4.63%
Connecticut$120$100$80Annual, March 317.50%
Delaware$90N/A$300Annual, June 18.70%
Florida$125$0$138.50Annual, May 10%
Georgia$100$0$50Annual, April 16%
Hawaii$50$20$15During quarter of anniversary date6.40%
Idaho$100$0$0Annual, anniversary month7.60%
Illinois$150$0$75Annual, anniversary month7.30%
Indiana$95$25$30Biennial, anniversary month8.50%
Iowa$50$0$30Biennial, April 1 of odd years12%
Kansas$160$0$50Annual, April 157.05%
Kentucky$40$0$15Annual, June 306%
Louisiana$100$0$35Annual, anniversary month8%
Maine$175$0$85Annual, June 18.93%
Maryland$100$0$300Annual, April 158.25%
Massachusetts$500$0$500Annual, anniversary month9.50%
Michigan$50$0$25Annual, February 154.95%
Minnesota$155$0$0Annual, December 319.80%
Mississippi$50$0$0Annual, April 155%
Missouri$50$0$0No annual fee + no report due6.25%
Montana$35N/A$20Annual, April 156.75%
Nebraska$100$0$13Biennial, April 1 of odd years7.81%
Nevada$425$15$350Annually, anniversary month0%
New Hampshire$100N/A$100Annual, April 1000%
New Jersey$125$0$75Annual, anniversary month9%
New Mexico$50$0$0No annual fee + no report due7.60%
New York$200$0$9Biennial, anniversary month7.10%
North Carolina$125$0$200Annual, April 156.90%
North Dakota$135$0$50Annual, November 156.50%
Ohio$99$25$0No annual fee + no report due0.26%
Oklahoma$100$20$25Annual, anniversary month6%
Oregon$100N/A$100Annual, anniversary month7.90%
Pennsylvania$125$0$7Annual, September 30 (starting in 2025)9.99%
Rhode Island$150$0$50Annual, February 1 - May 19%
South Carolina$110$50$0No report due unless LLC files taxes as an S-Corp5%
South Dakota$150$0$50Annual, anniversary month0%
Tennessee$300$0$300Annual, April 10%
Texas$308$0$0Annual, May 10%
Utah$54$0$18Annual, anniversary month5%
Vermont$125$0$35Annual, March 158.50%
Virginia$100$0$50Annual, anniversary month6%
Washington$200$90$60Annual, anniversary month0%
Washington DC$99$0$300Biennial, April 19.97%
West Virginia$100$30$25Annual, July 18.50%
Wisconsin$130$20$25Annual, anniversary quarter7.90%
Wyoming$102$62$62Annual, anniversary month0%